Ordering: Due to lower than expected sales volumes we decided to cease production of the product rather than move the product out of country for manufacturing. AES is not willing to sacrifice product quality or robustness. We would like to thank all the wonderful folks that purchased our products and will continue to service those products moving forward.

Dummy Load & Watt Meters for Serious Radio Operators

With over 40 years of RF technology expertise, Applied Engineering Science, Inc. is proud to introduce our newest products designed for commercial and serious amateur radio operators. Built with longevity, reliability and robustness in mind, our devices are engineered to be durable and offer all the requirements you need to run your station while foregoing the unnecessary and cumbersome interfaces which drive you crazy.


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PLA-2 Passive Load Array

Passive Load Array Dummy Load
Part Number: PLA-2

Introductory Price: $795
MSRP: $895.00
  • Engineered for continuous use
  • 2000 watt power rating – 24/7
  • Dry – no oil or coolant required
  • VSWR <= 1.4: 1dc to 60MHz
  • Input Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Force Air Cooled



Watt Meter

Watt Meter
Part Number: DWM-2

Introductory Price: $795
MSRP: $895.00
  • Four external coupler ports
  • User friendly human interface
  • Analog and Digital displays
  • Power range of 10mW to 2 KW
  • Fwd power, peak power, VSWR
  • Measures simultaneously


Coupler for Ham Radio Watt Meter and Dummy Load

AES Directional Couplers
Part Number: DC-1-30 (1-30MHz)
Part Number: DC-1-50 (50-60MHz)

Price: $179

  • External couplers for easy installation
  • Customize couplers for different bandwidths and system configurations
  • Maintains integrity of received Signal to noise ratio (SNR) by separating Couplers from the Signal Processor



All devices are designed with specifications for commercial environments and optimized for the amateur operator. Tested at extreme conditions and field proven, the AES, Inc. Passive Load Array (Dummy Load) and Digital Reflectometer (Watt Meter) are designed and specified for Continuous Commercial Service (CCS) performance - not ICAS (intermittent commercial and amateur service). That means you can run your station all night with no worry of failure. With Applied Engineering Science products, peak performance can be expected 24/7 – enabling the station operation to maximize performance and efficiency.

When you add AES, Inc. products to your station, you should expect user friendly interfaces and design. You won’t have to mess around with searching through menus or options. Everything you need is ready to go and simultaneously displays your operating conditions.

We mean what we say. Robust. Reliable. Rock Solid. Applied Engineering Science backs this up with a no nonsense one year warranty covering materials and workmanship.

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